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A global business focusing on sourcing, distribution and consultation with regard to the consumer and packaging industries.


About Us.

We believe in providing all our partners with value that can be seen throughout the supply chain;
from efficiency and flexibility in service delivery to cost advantage and transparency.

We subscribe to the lifestyle aspect of business and as such endeavour to provide our team, our suppliers and our clients with an enjoyable business experience.

We believed that there was a gap in the supply chain space and as a result we not only partner with the most professional of suppliers, but are very selective over which business we chase - all business is about people and we subscribe to this philosophy when deciding who we partner and work with.

We aim to create value for all of our clients and like to view everyone we deal with as a partner instead of clients.

What We Do

We identify and analyse consumer trends and pair brands we believe to have value with certain market segments. We manage, develop & distribute the brands we partner and believe in.
Why choose Us?

Consumer Goods

Specialise in the supply and distribution of various consumer goods across LSM's including beverages, baby formula, diapers and various pharmaceutical products.

Why choose Us?


Provide quality products across various industries - packaging from FMCG through to industrial. We provide periphery services to all manufacturing sectors.

Why choose Us?


Provide our partners with knowledge of their business with the know -how-to handle decreasing margins and increased costs of production.

What Makes Us Different



Our direct and well managed relationships with our partners, suppliers & distributors allows us to develop relationships with key individuals on a personal level from management to line workers. This is an advantage in a fast paced industry that needs quality merchandise, delivered on time, at competitive prices.


Cultural Knowledge

Our diverse team of people allow us to better understand the environments within which we work and operate. Understanding both client needs and their constraints allows us to absorb any miscommunication between suppliers and end users.


Market Knowledge

An active "on the ground team" allows us full access to our suppliers, distributors and retailers enabling us to be involved in the business from begin to the end.


Client Focus

Having multiple offices around the world allows for better communication with our clients, faster decision-making and problem solving on a one-to-one basis.



Ability to provide sourcing solutions from multiple suppliers without affecting quality.

We excel in the following



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