Imagine a world where people work together to help save our environment.

A world with reduced carbon emissions, water savings, improved air quality, reduced toxic waste, increased job creation...

This is how we have imagined earth.


Why should we care?

By being more aware of how recycling can help us improve our lives, this could be a reality. Today, recycling is crucial if we want to preserve and better our planet for future generations. We create products from natural resources but, as a result of the negative environmental effects from too much waste, we end up losing these natural resources.
We should be extending the lives of these products by making new products from the old. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the increasing number of environmentally-conscious individuals and companies that want to live in a healthier environment, to make a difference.

What is Imagined Earth?

Imagined Earth (IE) promotes recycling and improving the world in which we live by encouraging the use of Reverse Vending Machines (RVM). By rewarding both you and the environment, IE is committed to providing conscientious consumers with an enhanced recycling experience. Insert your waste into your local RVM, build up your credit and cash out in the form of airtime or make a donation to a charity of your choice!

We are a green advertising company.

IE is a green advertising company, focusing on providing digital advertising through remote upload onto a digital format and, as a result, reducing the carbon footprint of traditional advertising. With advertising, full branding by sponsors and cross-promotion opportunities, as well as user incentives incorporated into the recovery solution, IE enables advertisers the association with positive actions of recycling and environmental concern.  What’s more, the strategic placement of each machine will ensure viewership of ads due to high foot traffic in the recovery point areas.

Our logo.

The IE logo was designed to represent the environment and our ability and responsibility to save and improve it. What sets man apart from animals is the presence of a thumb, the use of which renders us the power to change the world. Our hands can perform a number of pertinent daily acts, including greeting others, transferring information, as well as constantly improving our skills and knowledge. With the ability to do so much good, the onus rests of us to make our world a better place by recycling and reducing our carbon footprint.